Polaran is an SME founded in 2011 at Bilkent University Technology Development District (Cyberpark), Ankara, Turkey. The company specializes in the development of error-correction coding schemes for the data communications and storage industry. Error correction coding is a key part of every high-performance communication/storage system. At Polaran, we specialize in polar coding — a technology that came out of our academic research at Bilkent University. At present polar coding is an area of active research by academia and industry. Polaran's goal is to maintain a leading position in providing the best solutions in this emerging technology area. The company offers a full range of encoding and decoding products about polar codes that can be used as drop-in modules in commercial FPGA chips. The company is engaged in several sponsored projects that aim to develop solutions based on polar codes for beyond next generation systems.

Polaran is hiring telecommunications/hardware design engineers at all levels of expertise.